Tantra is the choice of modern people! Do you want to live your life at its fullest intensity? To have harmonious and joyful love relationships, manifest with confidence and inspiration in your business and social endeavors, and maintain a healthy and youthful body? If your answer is YES to any of these, then Tantra is for you!

Beautiful embraced couple in the park.Tantra is the spiritual path of saying YES to life in its all aspects; a systematic and comprehensive approach to individual fulfillment. Tantra helps each of us develop our personal and practical understanding of spirituality, and together with it find purity, delight and excitement in everything we do.  Through Tantra, life itself becomes a joyous series of lessons, teaching us all that we need to know, changing us for the better, supporting us to realize our full potential.

The Benefits of the Intensive Tantra Course We Teach

This course will help you find enjoyment and chances for personal and spiritual growth in all your life circumstances. You will develop a superior understanding and an unmatched level of energy with the help of traditional tantric techniques and their modern applications.

Among the effects of this training we can mention:

  • Increased levels of energy and well-being
  • Joyful and fulfilling love relationships
  • Health and harmony at physical, mental and emotional level
  • Increased strength and persistence in following your dreams and fulfilling your goals
  • The ability to discover extraordinary meanings within what seemed before to be ordinary and dull.

The ultimate goal of this training is to help us realize that we are essentially spiritual beings, blissful and timeless; that we are all bound together in spirit in an intrinsic web of connections that reveals the wonders of our Eternal Source.

Course Content and Structure

The teachings are gradual, each lesson building upon the previous ones. The courses introduce you to:

  • Yogic poses used as methods for  strengthening the body, controlling the mind and elevating emotions
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for rejuvenation and increased energy
  • Methods for using sexual energy as a tremendous transformative force
  • Special techniques for amplifying femininity/virility and creating harmony and lasting attraction in a couple relationship
  • Mediation and techniques for overcoming life’s challenges and using daily events for fast personal  development

Extensive hand-outs are provided for each class. Ancient tantric teachings have been adapted to the modern times and are explained in a rational and down-to earth manner, being supported by contemporary scientific evidence. The course is structured on years of study. This curriculum has been put together by MISA, our parent yoga school from Romania. You can attend the courses for as long as you feel necessary.

As part of the course there are also special groups from men and women. In the Tantra for Men group the men will be guided to investigate and discover the secrets of masculine power. In the Tantra for Women group the women will explore the mystery and magic power of femininity.