Courses on Spiritual Femininity

Learn to accomplish more in a relaxed and pleasurable way!

This series of tantric classes has been specially designed for modern women. These courses teach you pleasurable methods to unleash your greatness and realize your vision of happiness, pleasure and fulfillment in all aspects of life. You will learn to accomplish more in a relaxed and pleasurable way.

shaktiMany women in modern life feel confused about what means to be a woman and express femininity in a harmonious way. Dealing with the many requirements of modern society, women manifest their strength in a somehow masculine way that forces them to ignore and repress their inner feminine nature. This type of empowerment, based on masculine values, creates unprecedented problems for women: disastrous love relationships, depression, random and unfulfilling sexual experiences, diseases that are specific to men, obsession regarding personal image, weight and mood swings, continuous and destructive games of power between sexes, alienation from traditional values and so on.

Tantra teaches us that the only way to long lasting happiness and fulfillment for a woman is to re-discover and fully awaken her inner “goddess” or Shakti, which is a sum of all feminine divine aspects present in all of us. The awakening of the state of a SHAKTI is a spiritual path of blissful experiences in which the woman elevates from her daily condition to the cosmic one of a goddess.

Among the benefits of the Shakti Courses we can mention:

  • Amplify your self-confidence, sensuality, and feminine charisma thousand fold
  • Discover and achieve your ideal body shape
  • Obtain deep physical and psychic rejuvenation
  • Learn tantric ways to experience hundreds of orgasms during lovemaking
  • Learn natural beauty secrets that defy any age
  • Create joyful and fulfilling love relationships
  • Make lots of amazing friends among the other women attending the class, that shortly becomes a true sisterhood of goddesses!