Meditation is the Key to Any Success!

Meditation is the royal path that leads to perfection, being the foundation of any religion, spiritual path or system of personal development. The ability to meditate is essential in deep religious practices and ancient systems of knowledge like Yoga, Tantra, Zen, Buddhism, etc. Meditation is also the key to success in all modern teachings like positive affirmations, personal-development programs for leadership and career orientation, mental training for high performance in sports and so on.


The Benefits of the Meditation Course We Teach

This course will help you act with extreme efficiency, inspiration and originality in everything you do. The step-by-step approach will guide you to take control over your mind, and through it control your entire life and improve your performance in all your areas of interest.

Among the effects of this training we can mention:

  • Improved mental focus
  • Significant stress reduction and a relaxed approach to life
  • Emotional stability and a constant joyful and optimistic attitude
  • Increased creativity, originality and self confidence
  • Improved performance and efficiency in everything you do

The course involves down-to-earth explanations of the mechanisms of the mind and provides accessible methods for using these mechanisms to our benefit.

Course Content and Structure

meditation poseThe course comprises a series of 40 classes, each building upon the previous ones. Success in meditation requires daily practice; therefore each week you will receive a short homework that will help you move from theoretical understanding to direct practical experience. The course introduces you to:

  • Yogic physical poses that enhance our attention and ability to meditate
  • Techniques for identifying mental blockages and overcoming them
  • Exercises for increasing mental focus and strength, intelligence and memory
  • Methods for improving creativity and intuition
  • Initiation in Laya Yoga, an ancient meditation technique that leads to deep and profound transformation

With constant practice you will be able to achieve a deep, inner peace, enjoy the present moment and experience constantly the overwhelming mystery of divine ecstasy.

This course curriculum has been put together by Natha Yoga School from Denmark. Natha is the Danish branch of our parent Romanian yoga school, MISA.