About Us

US Yoga Academy brings together teachers that aspire to share their knowledge and experience of many years in the fields of Yoga, Tantra and general spirituality. All teachers of our schools received extensive training that follows the course curriculum of ATMAN, the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. This curriculum is based on the teachings offered by the MISA Yoga School in Romania, guided by its spiritual mentor, Gregorian Bivolaru.

For all of us the teachers yoga is a lifetime passion and a daily practice. All of us grew in many ways with the help of this amazing science which is yoga. It gives us great joy to be able to support others in discovering the tremendous benefits of it.

Our Spiritual Guide, Grieg

Most people in Western societies are reluctant to the idea of accepting a spiritual guide, teacher or guru into their lives. However they have no problem having supervisors at work, fitness trainers, cooking or sex coaches, NLP gurus, financial advisers and so on. And still when it comes to genuine spirituality, people believe that accepting guidance means a submission of their own freedom.

about us - our teacherIn our view, the field of spirituality encompasses everything, from our life and survival in the physical body, to our emotions, thoughts and the highest realms of our souls. If we cannot figure out our way in a gym or a new city without some guidance, how could we ever discern the right path in the jungle of all spiritual beliefs, teachings, books and myriad practices?
A spiritual teacher is a guide that shows as the path of life, supports us through all its hardships and makes sure we have the right equipment at the right time. It is up to us, though, to follow his wise and loving advice, and to walk the path.

Our teacher, Grieg (Gregorian Bivolaru) has been a guiding light for all of us. We have learned from him tremendously. He has always proved to have a simple and humorous insight that seemed to know the deepest corners of our souls. We could always feel his unconditional love and his ardent desire for all his students to evolve as true human beings and rise above selfishness, hatred, jealousy and violence.

His entire work and life were denigrated by corrupted social leaders in Romania, who were afraid of the deep awakening that he inspires in his students. His house and belongings were torn apart and set on fire by police raids. He was forced to seek political asylum in another country. And still we have never seen him lose his Olympian peace, deep compassion and steady humor. His love and teaching continued to flow towards us no matter what.

We feel blessed and eternally grateful to have him as a part of our lives.