Learn about Yoga as a spiritual science, as it is truly meant to be, and its many applications in everyday life. If you are looking for a natural way to increase your energy, improve your health and find answers to existential questions, you are in the right place.

What we teach is not your usual yoga course. You will come here not just for stretching and relaxation, but to improve every aspect of your life using simple techniques rooted in ancient wisdom.

The only part of life that we can control is our reaction to it. Yoga teaches us just that. To react with love, compassion, humor and a superior understanding to whatever comes our way. This is the high path of spiritual warriors that choose to make a difference in the way they live, and in this world. This path is suitable for those who want to be the “masters of their fate”, and the “captains of their souls”.

By attending our courses you will obtain:

  • Radiant health and an ideal body shape
  • Significant stress reduction and a relaxed approach to life
  • Mental focus and serenity
  • Joyful and fulfilling love relationships
  • Spiritual growth and understanding of the fundamental truths that create the foundation of all authentic religions and spiritual systems
  • The ability to discover extraordinary meanings within what seemed before to be ordinary and dull
  • Emotional stability and a constant optimistic attitude
  • Increased creativity, originality and self confidence
  • Improved performance and efficiency in everything you do